Modular Process Plants

Adelaide Control Engineering has designed and developed processing plants based on shipping container-sized modules. These are manufactured and pre-commissioned in the ACE premises at Regency Park in South Australia. This approach minimises transport and installation costs making them especially suited to remote sites where skilled labour and commissioning may be both scarce and prohibitively expensive.

The advantages of the ACE Modular System include the following:


UNIPOLAR® is an electrified oxidising water system used for disinfection in the vegetable washing process and other applications are under trial.


ACE design and build both Dryers and Calciners in modular format providing excellent efficiency and the smallest footprint available. ACE Calciners are the most efficient and cleanest in the world today.


ACE Dewatering modules have the ability to increase your slurry solids concentration from 20%w/w up to 80%w/w with less than 0.5% solids reporting to the liquid recycle stream.

Drum Packing

ACE designs and builds fully automatic Drum Packing systems. These unique modules fill, sample, lid and label the drums completely unattended and without the need for any operator intervention.


The ACE Offgas treatment modules are matched with the kiln and calciner modules to recover process gases and dust, and ensure that stack emissions comply with the stringent targets set by International Standards and achieve world best practice.

Fluid Bed & Precipitators

ACE holds the licence for the supply of ORANO (AREVA)-patented Fluid Bed Precipitators which provide greatly improved precipitation performance resulting in larger, more spherical particles, increased plant throughput, better product purity owing to improved washing and OH&S improvement owing to less dust generation. ACE has constructed a mobile fluid bed test facility which enables tests to be carried out on a Client’s site to prove the advantages of the process prior to its implementation.