Process and Engineering Design

Adelaide Control Engineering staff has the skills and experience to undertake all aspects of a project from concept development through to detailed design, equipment selection, manufacture, installation and commissioning including overall project management.

Adelaide Control Engineering in Regency Park, South Australia takes pride in our professional engineers who can provide detailed design and development across the following disciplines:

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Process Engineering

  • PLC Programming

  • 3D Mechanical Drafting/Modelling

  • Electrical Drafting

Control Systems

Adelaide Control Engineering works with clients to develop systematic control systems that meet world regulatory standards, employee safety and optimises productivity.

We have skilled engineers who program and configure the following brand systems:

  • PLC/DCS Central

  • Allen Bradley/Control Logix/HMI

  • Siemens

  • Intouch

  • Koyo

Safety I/O

This technological solution will enable process manufacturers to consolidate more safety devices while conducting simple installation and maintenance.


Data Collection, Storage, and Analysis (Wonderware)

  • Efficiency

  • Profit

  • Reduce waste and out-of-specification product

  • Energy management

  • Industrial automation

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