Over 20 years of Experience in the Uranium Industry & Building Modular Plants

ACE provides quality design from experienced, practical engineers. ACE is one of the few engineering companies in the world with the skills to design and build high-tech plants ranging from pilot plants to full-scale production facilities. Employing our modular design concepts, these plants are economical to build, operate and maintain.

Process and Engineering Design

Adelaide Control Engineering can provide a full range of services to meet the Client’s process and engineering design requirements.

Modular Process Plants
Recognising the need to reduce the cost of new plants in remote areas, ACE has developed modular designs which minimise the costs of both transport and installation while reducing the need for elaborate and costly buildings.
Pilot and Demonstration Plants
Adelaide Control Engineering has built pilot or small-scale plants for process testing and economic evaluation of new plant proposals either at the customer’s test facility or on-site.


For the past twenty years, Adelaide Control Engineering has been a leader in the uranium industry due to its innovative approach to plant design and construction.

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About Us
Adelaide Control Engineering (ACE) is a multidisciplinary consultancy company having a well-established reputation for excellence in engineering design, project management, and construction.
ACE was established in 1999 to undertake work in the uranium industry. Initially, ACE designed, installed, and commissioned the drying and drum packing facilities for a South Australian uranium mine. Since then, ACE has provided equipment and engineering services to Clients in all of the major uranium-producing countries, including Australia, Africa, Canada, Europe, USA and Kazakhstan.

ACE offers experienced, degree-qualified engineering resources in the fields of
Adelaide Control Engineering is the “go-to” company for modular pilot plants and processing equipment. We provide innovative solutions to meet Client’s needs. Our modules feature designs that are simple, robust and portable. We help optimise the Client’s production processes while managing the security and safety of the Client’s employees.