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Uranium Processing Solutions

Adelaide Control Engineering (ACE) was founded in 2001 to service the mining and processing industries both in Australia and overseas. We have particular expertise in the uranium processing from wellhouse to packing. ACE employs a team of experienced engineers and design drafters which enables a full range of engineering services to be applied to new and existing mining activities - from concept studies through plant and equipment design to installation and commissioning. Sophisticated IT and communication systems are used to work concurrently with designers in overseas countries to shorten design and build times

Get processing facilities on the ground faster and at significantly lower cost with Adelaide Control Engineering

Modular Design

We build modular refining systems in standard shipping containers. These are made on-site in Adelaide and delivered to your operation fully tested and ready to go.

Although a 40 foot container has a lot of space inside it, putting a complete mineral processing plant inside one offers a considerable challenge.   The side opening containers have made the challenge simpler by allowing maintenance to open the side doors and repair components as required.  It's rather like designing in the engine room of a ship. There will always be much iteration as the chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers refine the design ~ everything must fit exactly. That is the challenge the ACE team can meet. Our design team uses AutoCAD Inventor (three dimensional solid modeling software) to construct computer models of the plant and container. This means that the team can cope with the many iterations needed to squeeze complex pumping equipment, sensors control valves, control panel and into the container space to create a sophisticated piece of field equipment. The highly skilled craftsmen at our mechanical services contractor fabricate, bend and cajole every piece of these three dimensional jigsaw puzzles into place.



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